The joy of a terrible engagement photo

2 min readJul 20, 2022


Photo by Orkhan Farmanli on Unsplash

A week ago today, I got engaged. I was (and still am) very surprised and very happy.

We took exactly one photo of the moment. In this very impromptu selfie my partner is smiling into the camera as I wipe away (happy) tears while laughing and trying to compose myself for the picture.

And there is something in my teeth.

There is also something in my teeth in every other photo we took of our evening picnic by the lily pond in the lead up to that moment.

During the last week of phone calls and messages to loved ones, the question of what I should post on social media crossed my mind. After all, most people have lovely posed photos of themselves smiling with the ring on full display. Most people are dressed up for some fancy date and looking their best when the question is “popped”. Most people share every happy, perfect moment of their lives with the internet. It didn’t really happen unless everyone knows, right?

Or at least that is what social media would have us believe.

But I’m glad this wasn’t the case for us. Our terrible selfie makes me happy because I can see exactly how we both feel. There is no performing for some invisible audience getting in the way of a very genuine moment.

So, no engagement photos for now. No big, public announcements (except this one to my small handful of followers here…). Just us and the people we love, sharing a private moment of joy.




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